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Maximise your event earnings with low cost ticket selling on Awingo.

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Dedicated event page for every event

Capture hearts and minds with your own dedicated space to tell the story of your event with an easy-as-pie ticket buying experience for attendees.

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QR Code Ticket Scanning

QR Code or attendee list? Choose how people enter

With our built-in ticket scanner you can scan QR codes on tickets with ease. Invite team members to join you on your account so they can help with scanning. You can also admit attendees via our list check-in.

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What is Awingo?

A simpler way to ticket your events

Awingo allows event organisers to list events, sell tickets and manage entry for their events all on a single platform.

Dedicated event page and listing

Create your own event page on Awingo that people can visit to find out more about your event and to buy tickets.

100% free to setup, no subscription

Setup your account and add an event in minutes, all for free. We don’t have any subscription fees.

One click event cancellation

Easily cancel and notify attendees of a cancelled event without having to manually contact each attendee.

Instant event and sales data

See how many people are viewing your event, have bought tickets and know what money is coming in from sales.

Ticket fees. Flattened.

One simple ticket fee for any size of event. No subscriptions or bolted on extras.

The Full Package

Everything you need to list events, sell tickets, manage attendees and scan tickets. All for one flat fee. No hidden extras and no subscriptions. We charge no fees for free events.

What's included

  • Free event listing and dedicated event page

  • Low cost ticket fees

  • Cancel and postpone events

  • 7 day rolling payouts for ticket sales

  • Built-in ticket scanner

  • Online events

Our market beating fee of

3.15 %

+ £0.20 on each ticket sold

Your ticket costs
A single ticket costs an attendee £10.00

Our platform charges (3.15% + 20p)

All fees included.
You earn per ticket +£9.48
You earn for all tickets sold +£948.00

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How to start selling tickets on Awingo

We've built a ticket selling platform from the inside out making it clear as day on how to get going. Create your event and start selling tickets in a matter of minutes.

1. Create an account

Add your own details to create an account on Awingo. Setup is 100% free and only takes a minute.

2. Setup your host account

Think of a host account as a page on Facebook or twitter. It's separate from your own personal account on Awingo.

3. Create your event

Add your event details and create your tickets types. Add a location, decsription, image and much more.

4. Manage your event

See views of your event page, message ticket holders and view sales data on your tickets all on a single dashboard.

5. It's go time

Use our built in ticket scanner to scan the ticket QR codes or search for attendees and check them in manually.

6. Get paid fast

With payouts everyday we make sure you get your money fast. No need for your event to finish before getting paid.

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