Multiple ticket types for your events are now possible on Awingo

Our ticketing services have undergone a major change with the addition of ticket types.

It's now possible for hosts on Awingo to set as many different ticket types for their events as they like. Want to have a "Basic" ticket at one price and then a "VIP" ticket at another? Well now you can!

Each ticket category can be given a name, description, price and a number of tickets of that type to sell.

Why did we do this?

One of the core features that more or less every other ticket selling platform was offering was ticket types for events. By carrying out this work we are now in line with other major platforms in terms of core fetaures for our event listing and ticket services but with smaller ticket selling fees.

We're working to improve further our ticketing services by adding new features and improving those we already have. If you have somethng you want to see sooner rather than later please reach out to us via, we promise it's a human on the other end of the line.

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