Yes "London Month of Dead" is a thing. It's London why wouldn't it be?

It's October so it's acceptable to spend your days and nights amongst the dead. Right? Of course.

London Month of the Dead has kicked off and it's slogan creeps us out more than anything... Past, Present, Future and Hereafter. Now, I want you to imagine a creepy old man or women saying that, staring through your kitchen window as you fill up a glass of water before bed. Yep that's right. SCREAM.

Throughout October you can visit Kensal Green or Brompton Cemeteries for a series of events organised by the management and volunteers who look after the cemeteries.

Take this as an example. On Sunday 13th October 2019 from 7:30pm you can go walkies around Brompton Cemetery and enjoy a puppet show (based on death related things), with a Gin of course, for the price of £12. Bargain.

  • Where: Various Cemeteries around London. Heavy focus at Brompton Cemetry for a lot of the events
  • How much: Typically between £12 - £15
  • When: October 2019
  • More information: London Month of the Dead
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