We're removed our platform fees for tickets

We've removed our platform fees for tickets to help event organisers recover from this disaster.

This is a measure above and beyond what the big players already in the online event listing and ticketing space are doing. Rather than simply providing some articles on "how we're helping you" or adding a banner to the top of our website stating "we're all in this together" (well of course we are...) we want to give organisers something of real value.

By removing our platform fees we hope to give the chance for event organisers to gain a little bit more money from their event ticket sales to help their own financial recovery or to pass on the savings to customers.

For example, selling a £10 ticket for an event on Awingo, inccurs a fee of only 37p, bringing the total cost for a £10 ticket for an attendee to only £10.37. That's over a £1 difference in fees per ticket sold when compared to other online ticket selling apps and websites.

Wait... I thought you said no platform fees?

We did. However like most businesses that accept online payments, there is a payments processsor in the background to do the heavy lifting of moving money from one bank to another (yours). This 37p is the payment processor fee. We do not control this fee. We have always separated out our platform fees and payment processor fees for maximum transparency to event hosts/organisers using our platform.

Ohh come on! This isn't real! What's the catch?

There is no "catch", the only thing we would say is that this won't go on forever and we will add platform fees back at some point in the future. However when you create your event on Awingo, your ticket fees are "locked in". That means when we do decide to change our platform fees again, your ticket costs won't go up if you created your event before the platform fees changed.

Why would I add an event now? We're not allowed to have events!

As we said above, we will be adding back the platform fee once this is all over but you can lock in your platform fee on your event ticket by adding an event to Awingo before the fee is added back. You don't have to start showing your event just because it has been created, choose a date to start showing it or save the event as a draft. Think of it as taking advantage of an offer now for future benefit.

Where can I find out more?

You should go here if you want a list of features and to use our interactive ticket cost calculator to find out what your own event tickets on Awingo would cost.

You can sign up as a host (that's what we call event organisers on Awingo) here and immediately start adding events.

Keep safe and we hope to see you soon!

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